Reporting bugs

Please report bugs at

If you want to report a rendering bug, or a missing SVG feature, please provide an example SVG file as an attachment to your bug report. It really helps if you can minimize the SVG to only the elements required to reproduce the bug or see the missing feature, but it is not absolutely required. Please be careful of publishing SVG images that you don’t want other people to see, or images whose copyright does not allow redistribution; the bug tracker is a public resource and attachments are visible to everyone.

Feature requests

Librsvg aims to be a small and relatively simple SVG rendering library. Currently we do not plan to support scripting, animation, or interactive features like mouse events on SVG elements.

However, we do aim go provide good support for SVG’s graphical features. You can request new features by filing a bug report as noted above.

It is especially helpful if you file bug for a feature request along with a sample SVG file that requires it, for example, a file that uses an SVG element or CSS property that librsvg does not yet support.

Obtaining debug logs

Librsvg can be asked to output debug logs. Set the RSVG_LOG environment variable, and then librsvg will print some information to stdout:

$ RSVG_LOG=1 some-program-that-uses-librsvg
... debug output goes here ...

As of librsvg 2.43.5, there are no options you can set in the RSVG_LOG variable; the library just checks whether that environment variable is present or not.

Security bugs

For especially sensitive bugs, please see Security.