Part III. Migrating to GIO

Table of Contents

I. Migrating to GIO
Migrating from POSIX to GIO
Migrating from GnomeVFS to GIO
Trash handling
Operations on multiple files
Mime monitoring
Migrating from GConf to GSettings
Before you start
Conceptual differences
GConfClient (and GConfBridge) API conversion
Change notification
Change sets
Schema conversion
Data conversion
Migrating to GDBus
Conceptual differences
API comparison
Owning bus names
Creating proxies for well-known names
Generating code and docs
Using gdbus-codegen
org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal — Example docs generated by gdbus-codegen
org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Cat — More example docs generated by gdbus-codegen
ExampleAnimal — Generated C code for the org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Animal D-Bus interface
ExampleCat — Generated C code for the org.gtk.GDBus.Example.ObjectManager.Cat D-Bus interface
ExampleObject — Specialized GDBusObject types
ExampleObjectManagerClient — Generated GDBusObjectManagerClient type