Declaration [src]

adw_tab_view_set_page_pinned (
  AdwTabView* self,
  AdwTabPage* page,
  gboolean pinned

Description [src]

Pins or unpins page.

Pinned pages are guaranteed to be placed before all non-pinned pages; at any given moment the first AdwTabView:n-pinned-pages pages in self are guaranteed to be pinned.

When a page is pinned or unpinned, it’s automatically reordered: pinning a page moves it after other pinned pages; unpinning a page moves it before other non-pinned pages.

Pinned pages can still be reordered between each other.

AdwTabBar will display pinned pages in a compact form, never showing the title or close button, and only showing a single icon, selected in the following order:

  1. AdwTabPage:indicator-icon
  2. A spinner if AdwTabPage:loading is TRUE
  3. AdwTabPage:icon
  4. AdwTabView:default-icon

AdwTabOverview will not show a thumbnail for pinned pages, and replace the close button with an unpin button. Unlike AdwTabBar, it will still display the page’s title, icon and indicator separately.

Pinned pages cannot be closed by default, see AdwTabView::close-page for how to override that behavior.

Changes the value of the AdwTabPage:pinned property.



Type: AdwTabPage

A page of self.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: gboolean

Whether page should be pinned.