glibmm 2.80.0
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Gio Namespace Reference


namespace  DBus


class  Action
 Action - An action interface. More...
class  ActionGroup
 ActionGroup - a group of actions. More...
class  ActionMap
 ActionMap - Interface for action containers. More...
class  AppInfo
 Application information, to describe applications installed on the system, and launch them. More...
class  AppInfoMonitor
 Monitor application information for changes. More...
class  AppLaunchContext
 This is used to handle, for instance, startup notification and launching of the new application on the same screen as the launching window. More...
class  Application
 Application - Core application class. More...
class  ApplicationCommandLine
 ApplicationCommandLine - A command-line invocation of an application. More...
class  AsyncInitable
 AsyncInitable - Asynchronously failable object initialization interface. More...
class  AsyncResult
 Provides a base class for implementing asynchronous function results. More...
class  BufferedInputStream
 The buffered input stream implements FilterInputStream and provides for buffered reads. More...
class  BufferedOutputStream
 The buffered output stream implements FilterOutputStream and provides for buffered writes. More...
class  BytesIcon
 An icon stored in memory as a Glib::Bytes. More...
class  Cancellable
 Allows actions to be cancelled. More...
class  CharsetConverter
 CharsetConverter - Convert between charsets. More...
class  Converter
 Converter - Data conversion interface. More...
class  ConverterInputStream
 ConverterInputstream - Converter Input Stream. More...
class  ConverterOutputStream
 ConverterOutputstream - Converter Output Stream. More...
class  Credentials
 An object containing credentials. More...
class  DataInputStream
 An implementation of BufferedInputStream that allows for high-level data manipulation of arbitrary data (including binary operations). More...
class  DataOutputStream
 An implementation of FilterOutputStream that allows for high-level data manipulation of arbitrary data (including binary operations). More...
class  DesktopAppInfo
 DesktopAppInfo is an implementation of AppInfo based on desktop files. More...
class  Drive
 Virtual File System drive management. More...
class  Emblem
 An object for emblems. More...
class  EmblemedIcon
 Icons with Emblems. More...
class  Error
 Exception class for giomm errors. More...
class  File
 File and directory handling. More...
class  FileAttributeInfo
 Information about a specific attribute - see FileAttributeInfoList. More...
class  FileAttributeInfoList
 Key-Value paired file attributes. More...
class  FileAttributeMatcher
 FileAttributeMatcher allows for searching through a FileInfo for attributes. More...
class  FileDescriptorBased
 Interface for file descriptor based IO. More...
class  FileEnumerator
 Enumerated Files Routines. More...
class  FileIcon
 FileIcon specifies an icon by pointing to an image file to be used as icon. More...
class  FileInfo
 FileInfo implements methods for getting information that all files should contain, and allows for manipulation of extended attributes. More...
class  FileInputStream
 FileInputStream provides input streams that take their content from a file. More...
class  FileIOStream
 FileIOStream provides input streams that take their content from a file. More...
class  FileMonitor
 Monitors a file or directory for changes. More...
class  FilenameCompleter
 Completes partial file and directory names given a partial string by looking in the file system for clues. More...
class  FileOutputStream
 FileOutputStream provides output streams that write their content to a file. More...
class  FilterInputStream
 Filter Input Stream. More...
class  FilterOutputStream
 Filter Output Stream. More...
class  Icon
 This is a very minimal interface for icons. More...
class  InetAddress
 An IPv4/IPv6 address. More...
class  InetSocketAddress
 Internet SocketAddress. More...
class  Initable
 Failable object initialization interface. More...
class  InputStream
 Base class for implementing streaming input. More...
class  IOStream
 IOStream - Base class for implementing read/write streams. More...
class  ListModel
 A dynamic list of objects. More...
class  ListStore
 A simple implementation of Gio::ListModel that stores all items in memory. More...
class  ListStoreBase
 A simple implementation of Gio::ListModel that stores all items in memory. More...
class  LoadableIcon
 Extends the Icon interface and adds the ability to load icons from streams. More...
class  MemoryInputStream
 MemoryInputStream implements InputStream for arbitrary memory chunks. More...
class  MemoryOutputStream
 Streaming output operations on memory chunks. More...
class  Menu
 A simple implementation of MenuModel. More...
class  MenuAttributeIter
 MenuAttributeIter - A menu attribute iterator. More...
class  MenuItem
 A menu item for use with Gio::Menu. More...
class  MenuLinkIter
 MenuLinkIter - A menu link iterator. More...
class  MenuModel
 MenuModel - An abstract class representing the contents of a menu. More...
class  Mount
 The Mount interface represents user-visible mounts. More...
class  MountOperation
 Authentication methods for mountable locations. More...
class  NetworkAddress
 A SocketConnectable for resolving hostnames. More...
class  NetworkMonitor
 Network status monitor. More...
class  NetworkService
 A GSocketConnectable for resolving SRV records. More...
class  Notification
 User Notifications (pop up messages). More...
class  OutputStream
 Base class for implementing streaming output. More...
class  Permission
 An object representing the permission to perform a certain action. More...
class  PollableInputStream
 PollableInputStream - Interface for pollable input streams. More...
class  PollableOutputStream
 PollableOutputStream - Interface for pollable output streams. More...
class  PropertyAction
 An Action reflecting a Glib::Object property. More...
class  Proxy
 Proxy - Interface for proxy handling. More...
class  ProxyAddress
 ProxyAddress - An internet address with proxy information. More...
class  ProxyResolver
 ProxyResolver - Asynchronous and cancellable network proxy resolver. More...
class  RemoteActionGroup
 RemoteActionGroup - a ActionGroup that interacts with other processes. More...
class  Resolver
 Asynchronous and cancellable DNS resolver. More...
class  ResolverError
class  Resource
 Resource framework. More...
class  ResourceError
 Exception class for resource file handling errors. More...
class  Seekable
 Stream seeking interface. More...
class  Settings
 A high-level API for application settings. More...
class  SettingsSchema
 Introspecting and controlling the loading of GSettings schemas. More...
class  SettingsSchemaKey
 See SettingsSchema. More...
class  SettingsSchemaSource
 See SettingsSchema. More...
class  SignalSocket
class  SimpleAction
 SimpleAction - A simple Action implementation. More...
class  SimpleActionGroup
 SimpleActionGroup - A simple ActionGroup implementation. More...
class  SimpleIOStream
 A wrapper around an input and an output stream. More...
class  SimplePermission
 A Permission that doesn't change value. More...
class  Socket
 Low-level socket object. More...
class  SocketAddress
 Abstract base class representing endpoints for socket communication. More...
class  SocketAddressEnumerator
 Enumerator type for objects that contain or generate SocketAddresses. More...
class  SocketClient
 Helper for connecting to a network service. More...
class  SocketConnectable
 Interface for potential socket endpoints. More...
class  SocketConnection
 A socket connection. More...
class  SocketControlMessage
 A Socket control message. More...
class  SocketListener
 Helper for accepting network client connections. More...
class  SocketService
 Make it easy to implement a network service. More...
class  SocketSource
 An event source that can monitor a Gio::Socket. More...
class  SrvTarget
 DNS SRV record target. More...
class  Subprocess
 Child processes. More...
class  SubprocessLauncher
 Environment options for launching a child process. More...
class  TcpConnection
 A TCP SocketConnection. More...
class  TcpWrapperConnection
 Wrapper for non-Gio::SocketConnection-based, Gio::Socket-based Gio::IOStreams. More...
class  ThemedIcon
 Icon theming support. More...
class  ThreadedSocketService
 A threaded GSocketService. More...
class  TlsCertificate
 TlsCertificate - TLS certificate. More...
class  TlsClientConnection
 TLS client-side connection. More...
class  TlsClientConnectionImpl
 Gio::TlsClientConnectionImpl is a Gio::TlsConnection that implements the Gio::TlsClientConnection interface. More...
class  TlsConnection
 TLS connection type. More...
class  TlsDatabase
 TlsDatabase - TLS database type. More...
class  TlsError
class  TlsInteraction
 TlsInteraction - Interaction with the user during TLS operations. More...
class  TlsPassword
 TlsPassword - TLS Passwords for prompting. More...
class  TlsServerConnection
 TLS server-side connection. More...
class  TlsServerConnectionImpl
 Gio::TlsServerConnectionImpl is a Gio::TlsConnection that implements the Gio::TlsServerConnection interface. More...
class  UnixConnection
 A Unix domain SocketConnection. More...
class  UnixCredentialsMessage
 UnixCredentialsMessage - A SocketControlMessage containing credentials. More...
class  UnixFDList
 UnixFDList - An object containing a set of UNIX file descriptors. More...
class  UnixFDMessage
 UnixFDMessage — A GSocketControlMessage containing a GUnixFDList. More...
class  UnixInputStream
 UnixInputStream implements InputStream for reading from a unix file descriptor, including asynchronous operations. More...
class  UnixOutputStream
 UnixOutputStream implements OutputStream for writing to a a unix file descriptor, including asynchronous operations. More...
class  UnixSocketAddress
 UnixSocketAddress - UNIX SocketAddress. More...
class  Volume
 The Volume interface represents user-visible objects that can be mounted. More...
class  VolumeMonitor
 Monitors a file or directory for changes. More...
class  ZlibCompressor
 ZlibCompressor - Zlib compressor. More...
class  ZlibDecompressor
 ZlibDecompressor - Zlib decompressor. More...


enum class  DataStreamByteOrder {
  DataStreamByteOrder::BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER ,
  DataStreamByteOrder::LITTLE_ENDIAN_ORDER ,
 DataStreamByteOrder is used to ensure proper endianness of streaming data sources across various machine architectures. More...
enum class  DataStreamNewlineType {
  DataStreamNewlineType::LF ,
  DataStreamNewlineType::CR ,
  DataStreamNewlineType::CR_LF ,
 DataStreamNewlineType is used when checking for or setting the line endings for a given file. More...
enum class  SocketFamily {
  SocketFamily::INVALID = 0 ,
  SocketFamily::UNIX = GLIB_SYSDEF_AF_UNIX ,
  SocketFamily::IPV4 = GLIB_SYSDEF_AF_INET ,
  SocketFamily::IPV6 = GLIB_SYSDEF_AF_INET6
 The protocol family of a SocketAddress. More...
enum class  TlsAuthenticationMode {
  TlsAuthenticationMode::NONE ,
  TlsAuthenticationMode::REQUESTED ,
 The client authentication mode for a TlsServerConnection. More...
enum class  TlsCertificateFlags {
  TlsCertificateFlags::NO_FLAGS = 0x0 ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::UNKNOWN_CA = (1 << 0) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::BAD_IDENTITY = (1 << 1) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::NOT_ACTIVATED = (1 << 2) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::EXPIRED = (1 << 3) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::REVOKED = (1 << 4) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::INSECURE = (1 << 5) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::GENERIC_ERROR = (1 << 6) ,
  TlsCertificateFlags::VALIDATE_ALL = 0x007f
 A set of flags describing TLS certification validation. More...
enum class  FileQueryInfoFlags {
  FileQueryInfoFlags::NONE = 0x0 ,
  FileQueryInfoFlags::NOFOLLOW_SYMLINKS = (1 << 0)
 Flags used when querying a FileInfo. More...
enum class  FileMonitorFlags {
  FileMonitorFlags::NONE = 0x0 ,
  FileMonitorFlags::WATCH_MOUNTS = (1 << 0) ,
  FileMonitorFlags::SEND_MOVED = (1 << 1) ,
  FileMonitorFlags::WATCH_HARD_LINKS = (1 << 2) ,
  FileMonitorFlags::WATCH_MOVES = (1 << 3)
 Flags used to set what a FileMonitor will watch for. More...
enum class  FileAttributeType {
  FileAttributeType::INVALID ,
  FileAttributeType::STRING ,
  FileAttributeType::BYTE_STRING ,
  FileAttributeType::BOOLEAN ,
  FileAttributeType::UINT32 ,
  FileAttributeType::INT32 ,
  FileAttributeType::UINT64 ,
  FileAttributeType::INT64 ,
  FileAttributeType::OBJECT ,
 The data types for file attributes. More...
enum class  FileAttributeStatus {
  FileAttributeStatus::UNSET ,
  FileAttributeStatus::SET ,
 Used by g_file_set_attributes_from_info() when setting file attributes. More...
enum class  FileType {
  FileType::UNKNOWN ,
  FileType::REGULAR ,
  FileType::DIRECTORY ,
  FileType::SPECIAL ,
  FileType::SHORTCUT ,
 Indicates the file's on-disk type. More...
enum class  AskPasswordFlags {
  AskPasswordFlags::NEED_PASSWORD = (1 << 0) ,
  AskPasswordFlags::NEED_USERNAME = (1 << 1) ,
  AskPasswordFlags::NEED_DOMAIN = (1 << 2) ,
  AskPasswordFlags::SAVING_SUPPORTED = (1 << 3) ,
  AskPasswordFlags::ANONYMOUS_SUPPORTED = (1 << 4) ,
  AskPasswordFlags::TCRYPT = (1 << 5)
 AskPasswordFlags are used to request specific information from the user, or to notify the user of their choices in an authentication situation. More...
enum class  PasswordSave {
  PasswordSave::NEVER ,
  PasswordSave::FOR_SESSION ,
 PasswordSave is used to indicate the lifespan of a saved password. More...
enum class  MountOperationResult {
  MountOperationResult::HANDLED ,
  MountOperationResult::ABORTED ,
 MountOperationResult is returned as a result when a request for information is send by the mounting operation. More...
enum class  NetworkConnectivity {
  NetworkConnectivity::LOCAL = 1 ,
  NetworkConnectivity::LIMITED ,
  NetworkConnectivity::PORTAL ,
 The host's network connectivity state, as reported by NetworkMonitor. More...
enum class  SocketClientEvent {
  SocketClientEvent::RESOLVING ,
  SocketClientEvent::RESOLVED ,
  SocketClientEvent::CONNECTING ,
  SocketClientEvent::CONNECTED ,
  SocketClientEvent::PROXY_NEGOTIATING ,
  SocketClientEvent::PROXY_NEGOTIATED ,
  SocketClientEvent::TLS_HANDSHAKING ,
  SocketClientEvent::TLS_HANDSHAKED ,
 Describes an event occurring on a SocketClient. More...
enum class  TlsProtocolVersion {
  TlsProtocolVersion::UNKNOWN = 0 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::SSL_3_0 = 1 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::TLS_1_0 = 2 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::TLS_1_1 = 3 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::TLS_1_2 = 4 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::TLS_1_3 = 5 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::DTLS_1_0 = 201 ,
  TlsProtocolVersion::DTLS_1_2 = 202
 The TLS or DTLS protocol version used by a TlsConnection or DtlsConnection. More...
enum class  TlsInteractionResult {
  TlsInteractionResult::UNHANDLED ,
  TlsInteractionResult::HANDLED ,
 TlsInteractionResult is returned by various functions in TlsInteraction when finishing an interaction request. More...
enum class  TlsCertificateRequestFlags { TlsCertificateRequestFlags::NONE = 0x0 }
 Flags for g_tls_interaction_request_certificate(), g_tls_interaction_request_certificate_async(), and g_tls_interaction_invoke_request_certificate(). More...
enum class  ZlibCompressorFormat {
  ZlibCompressorFormat::ZLIB ,
  ZlibCompressorFormat::GZIP ,
 Used to select the type of data format to use for ZlibDecompressor and ZlibCompressor. More...


bool content_type_equals (const Glib::ustring & type1, const Glib::ustring & type2)
 Compares two content types for equality. More...
bool content_type_is_a (const Glib::ustring & type, const Glib::ustring & supertype)
 Determines if type is a subset of supertype. More...
bool content_type_is_unknown (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Checks if the content type is the generic "unknown" type. More...
Glib::ustring content_type_get_description (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Gets the human readable description of the content type. More...
Glib::ustring content_type_get_mime_type (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Gets the mime-type for the content type, if one is registered. More...
Glib::RefPtr< Iconcontent_type_get_icon (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Gets the icon for a content type. More...
Glib::RefPtr< Iconcontent_type_get_symbolic_icon (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Gets the symbolic icon for a content type. More...
bool content_type_can_be_executable (const Glib::ustring & type)
 Checks if a content type can be executable. More...
Glib::ustring content_type_from_mime_type (const Glib::ustring & mime_type)
 Tries to find a content type based on the mime type name. More...
Glib::ustring content_type_guess (const std::string & filename, const guchar *data, gsize data_size, bool & result_uncertain)
 Guesses the content type based on example data. More...
Glib::ustring content_type_guess (const std::string & filename, const std::string &data, bool & result_uncertain)
 Guesses the content type based on example data. More...
std::vector< Glib::ustringcontent_type_guess_for_tree (const Glib::RefPtr< const File > & root)
 Tries to guess the type of the tree with root root, by looking at the files it contains. More...
std::vector< Glib::ustringcontent_types_get_registered ()
 Gets a list of strings containing all the registered content types known to the system. More...
void init ()
 Initialize giomm and glibmm. More...
SignalSocket signal_socket (const Glib::RefPtr< Glib::MainContext > & context={})
 Convenience socket signal. More...
AppInfo::CreateFlags operator| (AppInfo::CreateFlags lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
AppInfo::CreateFlags operator& (AppInfo::CreateFlags lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
AppInfo::CreateFlags operator^ (AppInfo::CreateFlags lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
AppInfo::CreateFlags operator~ (AppInfo::CreateFlags flags)
AppInfo::CreateFlagsoperator|= (AppInfo::CreateFlags & lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
AppInfo::CreateFlagsoperator&= (AppInfo::CreateFlags & lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
AppInfo::CreateFlagsoperator^= (AppInfo::CreateFlags & lhs, AppInfo::CreateFlags rhs)
Application::Flags operator| (Application::Flags lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Application::Flags operator& (Application::Flags lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Application::Flags operator^ (Application::Flags lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Application::Flags operator~ (Application::Flags flags)
Application::Flagsoperator|= (Application::Flags & lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Application::Flagsoperator&= (Application::Flags & lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Application::Flagsoperator^= (Application::Flags & lhs, Application::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flags operator| (Converter::Flags lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flags operator& (Converter::Flags lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flags operator^ (Converter::Flags lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flags operator~ (Converter::Flags flags)
Converter::Flagsoperator|= (Converter::Flags & lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flagsoperator&= (Converter::Flags & lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Converter::Flagsoperator^= (Converter::Flags & lhs, Converter::Flags rhs)
Drive::StartFlags operator| (Drive::StartFlags lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
Drive::StartFlags operator& (Drive::StartFlags lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
Drive::StartFlags operator^ (Drive::StartFlags lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
Drive::StartFlags operator~ (Drive::StartFlags flags)
Drive::StartFlagsoperator|= (Drive::StartFlags & lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
Drive::StartFlagsoperator&= (Drive::StartFlags & lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
Drive::StartFlagsoperator^= (Drive::StartFlags & lhs, Drive::StartFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlags operator| (TlsCertificateFlags lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlags operator& (TlsCertificateFlags lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlags operator^ (TlsCertificateFlags lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlags operator~ (TlsCertificateFlags flags)
TlsCertificateFlagsoperator|= (TlsCertificateFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlagsoperator&= (TlsCertificateFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateFlagsoperator^= (TlsCertificateFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlags operator| (FileQueryInfoFlags lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlags operator& (FileQueryInfoFlags lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlags operator^ (FileQueryInfoFlags lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlags operator~ (FileQueryInfoFlags flags)
FileQueryInfoFlagsoperator|= (FileQueryInfoFlags & lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlagsoperator&= (FileQueryInfoFlags & lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileQueryInfoFlagsoperator^= (FileQueryInfoFlags & lhs, FileQueryInfoFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlags operator| (FileMonitorFlags lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlags operator& (FileMonitorFlags lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlags operator^ (FileMonitorFlags lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlags operator~ (FileMonitorFlags flags)
FileMonitorFlagsoperator|= (FileMonitorFlags & lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlagsoperator&= (FileMonitorFlags & lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
FileMonitorFlagsoperator^= (FileMonitorFlags & lhs, FileMonitorFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlags operator| (File::CreateFlags lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlags operator& (File::CreateFlags lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlags operator^ (File::CreateFlags lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlags operator~ (File::CreateFlags flags)
File::CreateFlagsoperator|= (File::CreateFlags & lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlagsoperator&= (File::CreateFlags & lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CreateFlagsoperator^= (File::CreateFlags & lhs, File::CreateFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlags operator| (File::CopyFlags lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlags operator& (File::CopyFlags lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlags operator^ (File::CopyFlags lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlags operator~ (File::CopyFlags flags)
File::CopyFlagsoperator|= (File::CopyFlags & lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlagsoperator&= (File::CopyFlags & lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::CopyFlagsoperator^= (File::CopyFlags & lhs, File::CopyFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlags operator| (File::MeasureFlags lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlags operator& (File::MeasureFlags lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlags operator^ (File::MeasureFlags lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlags operator~ (File::MeasureFlags flags)
File::MeasureFlagsoperator|= (File::MeasureFlags & lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlagsoperator&= (File::MeasureFlags & lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
File::MeasureFlagsoperator^= (File::MeasureFlags & lhs, File::MeasureFlags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flags operator| (FileAttributeInfo::Flags lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flags operator& (FileAttributeInfo::Flags lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flags operator^ (FileAttributeInfo::Flags lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flags operator~ (FileAttributeInfo::Flags flags)
FileAttributeInfo::Flagsoperator|= (FileAttributeInfo::Flags & lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flagsoperator&= (FileAttributeInfo::Flags & lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
FileAttributeInfo::Flagsoperator^= (FileAttributeInfo::Flags & lhs, FileAttributeInfo::Flags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlags operator| (IOStream::SpliceFlags lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlags operator& (IOStream::SpliceFlags lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlags operator^ (IOStream::SpliceFlags lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlags operator~ (IOStream::SpliceFlags flags)
IOStream::SpliceFlagsoperator|= (IOStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlagsoperator&= (IOStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
IOStream::SpliceFlagsoperator^= (IOStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, IOStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlags operator| (Mount::UnmountFlags lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlags operator& (Mount::UnmountFlags lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlags operator^ (Mount::UnmountFlags lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlags operator~ (Mount::UnmountFlags flags)
Mount::UnmountFlagsoperator|= (Mount::UnmountFlags & lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlagsoperator&= (Mount::UnmountFlags & lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::UnmountFlagsoperator^= (Mount::UnmountFlags & lhs, Mount::UnmountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlags operator| (Mount::MountFlags lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlags operator& (Mount::MountFlags lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlags operator^ (Mount::MountFlags lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlags operator~ (Mount::MountFlags flags)
Mount::MountFlagsoperator|= (Mount::MountFlags & lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlagsoperator&= (Mount::MountFlags & lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
Mount::MountFlagsoperator^= (Mount::MountFlags & lhs, Mount::MountFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlags operator| (AskPasswordFlags lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlags operator& (AskPasswordFlags lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlags operator^ (AskPasswordFlags lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlags operator~ (AskPasswordFlags flags)
AskPasswordFlagsoperator|= (AskPasswordFlags & lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlagsoperator&= (AskPasswordFlags & lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
AskPasswordFlagsoperator^= (AskPasswordFlags & lhs, AskPasswordFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlags operator| (OutputStream::SpliceFlags lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlags operator& (OutputStream::SpliceFlags lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlags operator^ (OutputStream::SpliceFlags lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlags operator~ (OutputStream::SpliceFlags flags)
OutputStream::SpliceFlagsoperator|= (OutputStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlagsoperator&= (OutputStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
OutputStream::SpliceFlagsoperator^= (OutputStream::SpliceFlags & lhs, OutputStream::SpliceFlags rhs)
std::string hostname_to_ascii (const Glib::ustring & hostname)
Glib::ustring hostname_to_unicode (const Glib::ustring & hostname)
bool hostname_is_non_ascii (const Glib::ustring & hostname)
bool hostname_is_ascii_encoded (const Glib::ustring & hostname)
bool hostname_is_ip_address (const Glib::ustring & hostname)
Resolver::NameLookupFlags operator| (Resolver::NameLookupFlags lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resolver::NameLookupFlags operator& (Resolver::NameLookupFlags lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resolver::NameLookupFlags operator^ (Resolver::NameLookupFlags lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resolver::NameLookupFlags operator~ (Resolver::NameLookupFlags flags)
Resolver::NameLookupFlagsoperator|= (Resolver::NameLookupFlags & lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resolver::NameLookupFlagsoperator&= (Resolver::NameLookupFlags & lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resolver::NameLookupFlagsoperator^= (Resolver::NameLookupFlags & lhs, Resolver::NameLookupFlags rhs)
Resource::Flags operator| (Resource::Flags lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::Flags operator& (Resource::Flags lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::Flags operator^ (Resource::Flags lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::Flags operator~ (Resource::Flags flags)
Resource::Flagsoperator|= (Resource::Flags & lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::Flagsoperator&= (Resource::Flags & lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::Flagsoperator^= (Resource::Flags & lhs, Resource::Flags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlags operator| (Resource::LookupFlags lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlags operator& (Resource::LookupFlags lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlags operator^ (Resource::LookupFlags lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlags operator~ (Resource::LookupFlags flags)
Resource::LookupFlagsoperator|= (Resource::LookupFlags & lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlagsoperator&= (Resource::LookupFlags & lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Resource::LookupFlagsoperator^= (Resource::LookupFlags & lhs, Resource::LookupFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlags operator| (Settings::BindFlags lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlags operator& (Settings::BindFlags lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlags operator^ (Settings::BindFlags lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlags operator~ (Settings::BindFlags flags)
Settings::BindFlagsoperator|= (Settings::BindFlags & lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlagsoperator&= (Settings::BindFlags & lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Settings::BindFlagsoperator^= (Settings::BindFlags & lhs, Settings::BindFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlags operator| (Socket::MsgFlags lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlags operator& (Socket::MsgFlags lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlags operator^ (Socket::MsgFlags lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlags operator~ (Socket::MsgFlags flags)
Socket::MsgFlagsoperator|= (Socket::MsgFlags & lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlagsoperator&= (Socket::MsgFlags & lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Socket::MsgFlagsoperator^= (Socket::MsgFlags & lhs, Socket::MsgFlags rhs)
Subprocess::Flags operator| (Subprocess::Flags lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
Subprocess::Flags operator& (Subprocess::Flags lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
Subprocess::Flags operator^ (Subprocess::Flags lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
Subprocess::Flags operator~ (Subprocess::Flags flags)
Subprocess::Flagsoperator|= (Subprocess::Flags & lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
Subprocess::Flagsoperator&= (Subprocess::Flags & lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
Subprocess::Flagsoperator^= (Subprocess::Flags & lhs, Subprocess::Flags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags operator| (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags operator& (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags operator^ (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags operator~ (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags flags)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlagsoperator|= (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlagsoperator&= (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::VerifyFlagsoperator^= (TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::VerifyFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlags operator| (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlags operator& (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlags operator^ (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlags operator~ (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags flags)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlagsoperator|= (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlagsoperator&= (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsDatabase::LookupFlagsoperator^= (TlsDatabase::LookupFlags & lhs, TlsDatabase::LookupFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlags operator| (TlsCertificateRequestFlags lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlags operator& (TlsCertificateRequestFlags lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlags operator^ (TlsCertificateRequestFlags lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlags operator~ (TlsCertificateRequestFlags flags)
TlsCertificateRequestFlagsoperator|= (TlsCertificateRequestFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlagsoperator&= (TlsCertificateRequestFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsCertificateRequestFlagsoperator^= (TlsCertificateRequestFlags & lhs, TlsCertificateRequestFlags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flags operator| (TlsPassword::Flags lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flags operator& (TlsPassword::Flags lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flags operator^ (TlsPassword::Flags lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flags operator~ (TlsPassword::Flags flags)
TlsPassword::Flagsoperator|= (TlsPassword::Flags & lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flagsoperator&= (TlsPassword::Flags & lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)
TlsPassword::Flagsoperator^= (TlsPassword::Flags & lhs, TlsPassword::Flags rhs)

Function Documentation

◆ hostname_is_ascii_encoded()

bool Gio::hostname_is_ascii_encoded ( const Glib::ustring hostname)

◆ hostname_is_ip_address()

bool Gio::hostname_is_ip_address ( const Glib::ustring hostname)

◆ hostname_is_non_ascii()

bool Gio::hostname_is_non_ascii ( const Glib::ustring hostname)

◆ hostname_to_ascii()

std::string Gio::hostname_to_ascii ( const Glib::ustring hostname)

◆ hostname_to_unicode()

Glib::ustring Gio::hostname_to_unicode ( const Glib::ustring hostname)

◆ init()

void Gio::init ( )

Initialize giomm and glibmm.

Call it before you use other parts of giomm. You may call it more than once. Calls after the first one have no effect. Gio::init() calls Glib::init(), which sets the global locale as specified by Glib::set_init_to_users_preferred_locale().

You do not need to call Gio::init() if you are using Gtk::Application, because it calls Gio::init() for you.

See also