Declaration [src]

gtk_window_set_application (
  GtkWindow* window,
  GtkApplication* application

Description [src]

Sets or unsets the GtkApplication associated with the window.

The application will be kept alive for at least as long as it has any windows associated with it (see g_application_hold() for a way to keep it alive without windows).

Normally, the connection between the application and the window will remain until the window is destroyed, but you can explicitly remove it by setting the application to NULL.

This is equivalent to calling gtk_application_remove_window() and/or gtk_application_add_window() on the old/new applications as relevant.

Sets propertyGtk.Window:application



Type: GtkApplication

A GtkApplication, or NULL to unset.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the method.