gtkmm 4.14.0
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CGdk::ContentFormatsAdvertising and negotiating of content exchange formats
 CGdk::ContentFormatsBuilderHelper class for building Gdk::ContentFormats
 CGdk::DmabufFormatsGdk::DmabufFormats provides information about supported DMA buffer formats
 CGdk::DragSurfaceSizeInformation for computing drag surface size
 CGdk::EventFunctions for handling events from the window system
 CGdk::FrameTimingsObject holding timing information for a single frame
 CGdk::Graphene::PointA point with 2 coordinates
 CGdk::Graphene::RectThe location and size of a rectangle region
 CGdk::Graphene::SizeSize representation
 CGdk::PopupLayoutInformation for presenting popups
 CGdk::RectangleGdk::Rectangle is a structure holding the position and size of a rectangle
 CGdk::RGBAAn RGBA color
 CGdk::TextureDownloaderThe Gdk::TextureDownloader is used to download the contents of a Gdk::Texture
 CGdk::TimeCoordA Gdk::TimeCoord instance contains a single event of motion history
 CGdk::ToplevelLayoutInformation for presenting toplevels
 CGdk::ToplevelSizeInformation for computing toplevel size
 CGlib::Container_Helpers::TypeTraits<::Cairo::RefPtr< const ::Cairo::Surface > >Specialization for pointers to const cairo surfaces
 CGlib::Container_Helpers::TypeTraits<::Cairo::RefPtr<::Cairo::Surface > >Specialization for pointers to cairo surfaces
 CGtk::AccelKeyDefines accelerator key combinations
 CGtk::BitsetSets of integers
 CGtk::BitsetConstIterAlias: Gtk::Bitset::const_iterator
 CGtk::BorderThis specifies a border around a rectangular area that can be of a different width on each side
 CGtk::Constraint::Strength_WrapperWrapper for enum Strength
 CGtk::CssLocationPresents a location in a file - or other source of data parsed by the CSS engine
 CGtk::CssSectionDefines a part of a CSS document
 CGtk::ExpressionBaseBase class for Gtk::Expression
 CGtk::PadActionEntryClass defining a pad action entry
 CGtk::PageRangeA page range
 CGtk::PaperSizePaperSize handles paper sizes
 CGtk::PrintSettings::KeysPrint settings keys
 CGtk::PrintSetupAn auxiliary object for printing that allows decoupling the setup from the printing
 CGtk::RecentInfoContains information found when looking up an entry of the recently used files list
 CGtk::RecentManager::DataMeta-data passed to add_item()
 CGtk::RequisitionA Gtk::Requisition represents the desired size of a widget
 CGtk::ResponseType_WrapperWrapper for enum ResponseType
 CGtk::ScrollInfoProvides more accurate data on how a scroll operation should be performed
 CGtk::TextIterBaseCommon base class of TextIter and TextConstIter
 CGtk::TreeIterBaseBase of TreeIter, TreeRow and TreeNodeChildren
 CGtk::TreeModelColumnBaseBase class of TreeModelColumn templates
 CGtk::TreeModelColumnRecordTypedefed as TreeModel::ColumnRecord
 CGtk::TreePathA path is essentially a potential node
 CGtk::TreeRowReferenceTypedefed as Gtk::TreeModel::RowReference
 CGtk::TreeValueProxy< RowType, ColumnType >
 CGtk::Widget::MeasurementsStructure returned by the non-output-parameter overload of measure()
 CGtk::Widget::MinimumNatural< T >Structure holding the minimum and natural sizes of a widget, in some type
 CGtk::Widget::MinimumNatural< int >